Jakob Martin

July 11, 2010, 1:41 am
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All weekend I have been blown away by your generosity. Thank you so much to those of you who gave already. We should have one of those little fund-raising thermometers in place sometime next week so you can follow our progress, but we’re doing really well so far.

I’m also getting great feedback from a lot of you. Please keep the ideas  and emails coming, and I’ll answer them, privately and publicly. Today my friend Evan wrote:

Why not just do $10 pre-orders on the new album? The word “pre-order” makes it feel more tangible rather than “donation” which most people contribute to social causes. On that note, why not have a portion go to charities they can choose from as a social action cause when donating if that makes sense?

If you contribute $10 or more, you get a free download of the new album before it comes out, and for a few more dollars, you’ll get a signed copy of the CD – so at that level, it is actually very similar to a pre-order. For a full list of our gifts and incentives, click here.

I’m also glad you brought up the charity question.  Social responsibility is very important to me and plays a large part in my career. I make sure to participate in philanthropies I believe in (The benefit concerts I’ve been involved with in 2010 alone have raised over $20,000).

Often, people use charities as a way of boosting their own image without really making much impact. We could give a percentage of proceeds to charity, but every dollar we’re trying to raise for this project is accounted for, so we’d have to increase our goal, and I know that we can make a greater impact in other ways.  Also, I don’t want to cheapen or confuse this campaign by telling you it’s about charity, when it really is about bringing this project and this dream to life. I want to keep it honest and real, and make it about the music. Having said that, I’ll think about ways that we can use the success of this campaign to do something philanthropic, and if any of you have more ideas, let me know.

Thanks again everyone, and let’s make it happen!

Preview and contribute here: http://www.jmpreview.info


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